Independent Owner Operator Services

Independent Owner Operators have been our focus for over 30 years.

You have a unique need in the area of bookkeeping and tax services. Being DOT regulated, State regulated, Insurance regulated and more; can keep you, the independent owner operator overwhelmed.  

Compliance is never an easy five minute job. It takes hours for just one truck, and if you have more than one, it can take more hours than you want to give.

Stop being overwhelmed and overburdened – Let us help.

Our services will help keep you in compliance.


As an independent owner operator, you are responsible for recording the

miles you travel within each state.  Compiling your trip records
is time consuming and often goes undone.  Then when it is
time to renew your IRP license tag, you spend countless hours
recapping your mileage.

Let us help.

We can take your trip records and calculate the miles you operated in each state and compile them in accordance to IRP regulations. Contact us for more information on this IRP service.


IFTA returns are due quarterly and require the owner operator

to compile the miles operated in each state and the gallons of
fuel purchased in each state.  Another time consuming
regulation that you are required to stay on top of.

Let us help.  Whether you file paper returns or file through the
internet, we can compile your records and complete the
returns on your behalf.  Never have a late return again.
Contact us for more information on this IFTA service.


DOT Compliance
Owner Operators are required to know and comply with all

DOT regulations. Truckers have a business to run, the DOT
can shut that business down if they determine you are out of
compliance.  Whether you have one driver (you) or multiple
drivers, you must be in compliance with the DOT.  Are your
records correct?  A DOT audit can cost an owner operator
thousands of dollars if found to be out of compliance.

We have worked with DOT audits for over 25 years.  Let us
help you get your records in compliance.  Contact us for more
information on our DOT Compliance service.


DOT Number and Operating Authority
Considering becoming an Owner Operator? We can help.

Yes, you apply through the internet, but we will help guide you
through this process so that you have everything in place
before you apply.

Contact us and let us help you through this process.

Owner Operators are truckers who bought their truck with the
goal of having their own trucking business.  Spending days
and weeks on the road then coming home to complete
paperwork takes time from your personal life.

Let us help free up some of your time.  Contact us today.

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