Forms for Independent Owner Operators

Here are some forms we hope you will find useful for your trucking
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Driver Qualification FileFMCSA Section 391.51: General Requirements for driver qualification
files stipulates each form that is required to be included in your driver
qualification file.

Each driver must have a Driver Qualification File.

If you are an owner operator and you are your only driver, you are
required to have a Driver Qualification file on yourself.  You are
required to contact your previous employers and you are required to
have a pre-employment drug test.  An audit will assess penalties if
you fail to have this information.

Stay in compliance and request your FREE Driver Qualification File


Driver Trip Report

Each state requires a driver to document the mileage driven and fuel
purchased for IFTA and IRP reporting.

Here are two different forms that you may request for FREE and use to track your mileage and fuel.


Daily Trip Record                                Weekly Trip Record

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